Anonymous asked:

do you still have breast cancer or is that under control? kisses and hugs gurl xxx

Fighting Like A Girl Answer:

I haven’t had my Mastectomy yet. My doctors were going to do it in two stage, but the first stage got denied through my insurance, so I have to wait until both of them are available to just do it in one stage and get this shit the fuck out of my body. The plastic surgeon doesn’t have any availability until late September, but like I told them I will get it done literally two days after my wedding if that’s an option, I don’t want to wait until October, I already have 3 Breast Cancer events to attend (two 5ks and one black tie event) and I’m hoping that goes up!

TMI, My boobs hurt and I just want it to stop and for a doctor to stop fucking around and age discriminating me and start taking me seriously, instead of making me wait.

Thank you very much <3